50% of every sale goes to Mission: Cure

50% of every sale goes to Mission: Cure


LA-based musician blackbear released his debut album, deadroses, in 2015, featuring the lead single, “idfc”, that went Gold after holding a spot on the Billboard R&B charts for over two years. During his 2016 recovery in the hospital, he created the songs for his third album, digital druglord, whose lead single, “do re mi” went triple platinum with subsequent US and world tours selling out. In 2018, blackbear released his latest album cybersex and performed at both Coachella and Lollapalooza.



Mission: Cure is dedicated to developing effective treatments for children and adults suffering from pancreatitis, an excruciatingly painful disease with no cure that affects over 1 million people worldwide. We are mobilizing patients, researchers, impact investors and healthcare payers to improve specific patient outcomes within 10 years, demonstrating a new model for curing disease.